HTC EVO 3D Gets Quiet Pre-Order Launch At Best Buy

The HTC EVO 3D is being hailed as the world's first glasses-free 3D Android phone, and although we've gotten plenty of hands-on time with the device and presented you with numerous photos, we have no word yet on the official release date. However, thanks to a leaked note distributed to Best Buy employees, we know that the electronics retailer has quietly begun accepting pre-orders for the device today.

The note is very peculiar about employees not mentioning the device unless a customer specifically asks for it, and encourages employees to suggest other currently available mobile devices as well as promote their Buy Back program. It also emphasizes not telling customers about any rumors or speculation related to the device, except that it is expected to launch this summer. Generally, employees need to stay mum on the topic until an official announcement is made by the manufacturer and carrier.

Here's the note to Best Buy employees:

Are Customers Asking for the Sprint EVO 3D?

Although dates and details are very limited on this device, there are some customers willing to wait. As always, we encourage customers to choose from Best Buy Mobile's phenomenal phone selection and pair it with the Buy Back program. However, we realize some customers either aren't ready to upgrade or are willing to wait until the unconfirmed launch date. Therefore...we are "quietly" opening the Sprint EVO 3D pre-sale (SKU 2612225), starting this Monday, May 2.

What CAN we say: The HTC EVO 3D, the first glasses-free 3D 4G device, is coming "this summer" to Best Buy.

What CAN'T we say: Anything from the blogs or unofficial sources. Much of this is unreliable and could mislead customers. Inevitably, customers will find this information and it is acceptable to be aware of it, but do not share said information with customers as factual.

What CAN we do: Starting May 2, Best Buy Mobile will begin reserving product through the pre-sale process. Click here for the generic flyer.

What CAN'T we do: Do NOT actively promote this pre-sale until it's formally announced. Do NOT create signage and drive customers towards this pre-sale. This is meant to capture only those customers coming into our stores inquiring about the EVO 3D who otherwise are not purchasing another phone today. In other words, if a customer asks, you can tell him or her about the pre-sale. Otherwise, mum's the word.

So with this news, are you heading to your Best Buy store today? Perhaps, you can bait the employees with numerous questions on the rumors and speculations and see how well they follow the above orders. Or, you can simply read more about the HTC EVO 3D and other HTC products in anticipation of an official announcement.

[via Android Community]