HTC event June 24th: Could the HTC Hero launch?

Chris Davies - Jun 2, 2009, 8:27 am CDT
HTC event June 24th: Could the HTC Hero launch?

HTC have scheduled a mysterious press event on Wednesday, June 24th.  To be held in London, UK, there’s no suggestion of what device the event will launch; the HTC Snap, though not yet generally available, seems an unlikely option given that it was first announced all the way back in April, and the HTC Touch Pro2, while a flagship Windows Mobile device, has been well-publicized since its debut at Mobile World Congress in February.

It’s possible that HTC could be announcing the Hero, their third Google Android device.  A promo video for the touchscreen smartphone leaked late last week – you can see it after the cut – looking pretty much completed, and the smartphone itself has been spotted in the wild and even had its Android ROM leaked.

Those leaked builds have shown a more advanced GUI for Android, blending some of HTC’s TouchFLO 3D expertise into the platform’s standard look.  Hands-on feedback from those Android Community members using the Hero ROM suggests that it’s in a relatively stable state, potentially suggesting that the phone itself is almost ready for launch.

As it is, we might not know until June 24th, but you can be sure we’ll be on-hand to bring you all the details of what HTC announce.

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