HTC Desire spotted rocking silver chassis [Video]

Love the HTC Desire but not feeling the standard brown casing that we've seen up until now?  Your luck is in: a silver version of the Snapdragon-based Android handset has been spotted over in the Netherlands, where it's already up for pre-order.  Both devices are functionally identical, beyond the brighter casing on the silver model.

Currently listed as an exclusive from online retailer, the silver Desire is expected to begin shipping on April 9th and is priced at €449 ($620).  The regular brown Desire is believed to be arriving at some point in April in Europe generally; we've not heard of any carrier offering the different color variant.

Looking for more information on the HTC Desire?  Check out our hands-on report here.


HTC Desire hands-on:

[via SlashPhone and via xda-developers]