HTC Cosmos update: More cameras!

Chris Burns - Jun 21, 2019, 3:34pm CDT
HTC Cosmos update: More cameras!

In January of this year we got a look at the then-newly-revealed HTC Cosmos VR (for PC) headset. Fast forward to now, June of this same year, and we’re getting another look at the headset, and it looks ever-so-slightly different. Now the device has two additional cameras, both attached to a faceplate that’ll come standard with the headset when it’s released, presumably soon.

Generally a company will release a product and its accessories in the following order. First, they’ll show the product, then they’ll release the product. Following that release, they’ll show the first add-on accessories for the device, then they’ll release those peripherals.

HTC’s VIVE group decided to take a slightly less traditional route this year by showing the HTC Cosmos in January, skip the step where they release the product, then reveal a mod-able front panel unto which they’ve connected a pair of new cameras, bringing the total of four cameras on the outside up to six. I demand more cameras – more!

What the HTC VIVE crew did today was to show that their product, which again we sort of got an OK look at at CES 2019, this time with a modified front panel that includes vents and a couple more cameras. Now it has six cameras instead of just four.

As you’ll see in the image of the Vive Cosmos below, captured at CES 2019 in January, there is indeed a separation between the then-revealed front panel and the rest of the device, too. It just wasn’t yet revealed (at CES 2019 in January) that this device had the ability to remove said panel just yet.

I am excited to see that the headset is getting venting – and I’m hoping the addition of the extra cameras isn’t going to mean the price will be above the affordability line for the masses. If there’s one thing the world of VR doesn’t need right now, it’s more super-highest-high-end VR headsets – unless with them they reveal a strategy to get said devices into the hands of more than just self-proclaimed early adopters.

If only there were a certain sort of media that could drive adoption of this tech with little effort and ultra-high reward? Anyone have the answer? OH also, HTC suggests they’ll be delivering additional details on this headset early next week.

UPDATE: A few more images explain just a BIT more about this headset in the gallery above. What else do you need to know about this device before you commit your cash later this year at release time?

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