HTC confirm no Sense upgrade for T-Mobile G1 or Vodafone Magic

HTC have confirmed that they are looking to develop an upgrade package to deliver HTC Sense, their latest UI as demonstrated on the new Hero smartphone, to earlier Android models.  However, due to licensing issues, devices which are "with Google" branded – such as the T-Mobile G1 and Vodafone Magic – will not get the upgrade.

The limitation comes as part of Google's three-tiers of Android deployment, and their insistence that anything branded with their name should deliver the full, unmodified Android experience.  That insistence has meant that other HTC developments, such as Exchange support on the Magic, have not made it to Android devices officially on sale in the US and Europe.  The upcoming T-Mobile myTouch 3G will also be a Google-branded phone, and as such not get Sense.

According to HTC, there are potential logistical and R&D cost issues that might scupper a more limited Sense roll-out to non "with Google" existing devices, however, so an upgrade is by no means definite.  It may be that cracked ROMs are the only way for existing owners to beautify their Android device.

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[via Android Community]