HTC Brew-based feature-phones delayed until early 2010?

October has come and gone, and rumors that HTC would launch at least one entry-level device based on Qualcomm's Brew mobile platform during the month have failed to pan out.  According to a DigiTimes report, that's because HTC have delayed the launch of their so-called feature phone range until early 2010, faced with "Brew's relatively immature application service platform offering for telecom carriers".

The release will now take place in the new year, rather than Q4 2009, and both Verizon and Sprint in the US are fingered as likely carriers to offer the devices.  Qualcomm is tipped to be working with mobile developers on the core, dedicated app functionality believed to be required before the Brew Mobile Platform can reach tipping point, which would include a Java virtual machine, customized browser, mobile community services, multimedia management and GPS services.