HTC Bootloader Situation Update: Devices Continue Shipping Locked, Unlock Comes from Web

Chris Burns - Aug 3, 2011
HTC Bootloader Situation Update: Devices Continue Shipping Locked, Unlock Comes from Web

Wednesday of this week, HTC sent out a new update on the situation they’ve had brewing for some weeks, that being one where fans of the devices have demanded handsets have unlocked boot loaders so that they might root and hack them for custom modifications. HTC responded some time ago to the call to action by indeed responding with a declaration that they would, indeed, be unlocking their devices come this Summer and Autumn. In their most recent update, HTC notes that there have been many questions as to why their most recent devices still come locked, responding with updates on how and when each device would be unlocked and what users would have to do to make it happen.

It is inside August the HTC has said today that they’ll be unlocking the global version of the HTC Sensation, followed soon after by the HTC Sensation on T-Mobile here in the USA and the HTC EVO 3D last. Because, as HTC is saying, “unlocking the bootloader provides extensive control over the device and modifications may cause operation, security and experience issues,” new devices will continue to be shipped with their bootloaders locked, a user-initiated unlocking necessary to make the process happen – this available via a web-based tool.

This Web tool, as HTC is calling it, will launch sometime inside August 2011. This tool will require that users register an account with a value email address in addition to accepting legal disclaimers which will state that unlocking devices MAY void all or parts of said owners warrantee. You’ll have to plug your device into your computer with the Android SDK tool loaded in order to retrieve what they’re calling a “device identifier token” which you’ll then have to enter into the Web took to trade it in for a unique unlock key via email. Lastly you’ll have to apply the key to your device and the unlock sequence will initiate.

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