HTC Bliss Leaked In First Blurry Image

The HTC Bliss was first rumored back in May to be an attempt at targeting females, a demographic that Android devices haven't been as popular with. Some renderings and details were first revealed by Thisismynext, who speculated that the device was to sport a "Sea Foam" green among many other supposedly feminine features. Today, the very first blurry cam image of the HTC Bliss has leaked and supports previous rumors.

PocketNow obtained the image and claims it to be the first ever shot of the HTC Bliss sitting in what appears to be a charging dock. At first glance, you might mistaken the image for that of an ugly alarm clock, but no, that's the HTC Bliss laying in a dock that's rumored to be a wireless charging station—and all in matching colors. That does support previous claims that HTC plans several matching accessories for the phone. And we mustn't forget about the charm indicator that will come in tow.

Although the image could be an older rendering, there's other evidence that suggests the HTC Bliss is indeed in the works. PocketNow had obtained some test photos showing the camera quality of various handsets. These photos include EXIF data, which in one photo revealed that it originated from the camera of the HTC Bliss.

Another handset designed for women is the HTC Glamor, which is also remaining mysterious except for an early rendering. It's target demographic is even more blatant as its bright colors and moniker alone works wonders as male repellent.

[via PocketNow]