HTC Glamor Smartphone Designed For Women?

Looks like HTC it still trying to figure out what women want. Early last month, there were rumors that the company was working on a female-targeted smartphone for Verizon called the HTC Bliss. At least from what was speculated, their approach seemed a bit condescending—slapping on feminine colors, apps, and a cutesy charm. You can't fault them for trying and they've reportedly even setup focus groups just for this cause. But could this newly leaked image be the result of their efforts to find a place in women's purses?

PocketNow first posted the above image, which shows three very colorful HTC devices that look like shortened Incredible S or Sensation smartphones. The bright colors seem strangely akin to those shown of the latest Nokia N9, and vastly different from the original light green of the HTC Bliss. The handset is codenamed HTC Glamor, but other than that, there are no other details on the specs.

Could the HTC Glamor be the evolution of the HTC Bliss? If so, then that makes me wonder if the original ideas of preloading "soothing" wallpapers and calorie-counting apps will make it to the final product. And we mustn't forget the cube-shaped flashing charm that works as an notifications indicator—which actually can be useful.

[via PocketNow]