HTC Android line-up tipped, including Legend & WiMAX Supersonic

References to seven unannounced HTC devices – including at least one, the HTC Legend, first spotted on the leaked 2010 HTC roadmap from late December 2009 – have been spotted in HTC user agent profiles, complete with keyboard and display details.  CellPassion caught mention of the seven devices while digging through one of HTC's sites; in addition to the Legend, which is expected to replace the HTC Hero, there's also a version of the HTC Tattoo with a QWERTY keyboard.

Of the seven devices, three have hardware QWERTY keyboards and the remainder rely on touchscreen text-entry.  Most have HVGA 320 x 480 displays, but there's also a 480 x 800 model called the Supersonic; that's believed to be the Sprint WiMAX smartphone previously spotted in a leaked Sprint document.

While there's no release information in any of the files, we'd expect HTC to bring at least a few of the handsets along to Mobile World Congress 2010 next month.  Full details – and links to the user agent profiles – below.

  • HTC Espresso: QWERTY keyboard, 320x480 pixel display
  • HTC Huangshan: No physical keyboard, 320x480 pixel display
  • HTC Liberty: No physical keyboard, 320x480 pixel display
  • HTC Halo: QWERTY keyboard version of the Tattoo
  • HTC Paradise: QWERTY keyboard, 240x400 pixel display
  • HTC Legend: No physical keyboard, 320x480 pixel display
  • HTC Supersonic: No physical keyboard, 480x800 pixel display
  • [via Android Community]