HTC 1 concept takes Android minimal

Chris Davies - Jul 12, 2010, 5:17am CDT
HTC 1 concept takes Android minimal

We’re suckers for a good concept design here at SlashGear, and so we’re hoping HTC are paying attention to Andrew Kim.  His concept for the so-called HTC 1 is a premium Android phone that would be clearly differentiated from the company’s mainstream models and better harmonize physical and software design.  To that end, he’s come up with a slick slab of minimalist machined brass with a rather striking interpretation of HTC Sense.

That breaks down the artificial division of homescreen and widget, and instead gives you full-screen widgets for things like news, social networking and more.  There’s also a new media player and cross-platform instant messaging/communications app.

Kim obviously reckons oleophobic displays aren’t good enough for keeping smartphones clean, and has instead decided on a UV light hidden behind the glass touchscreen that can zap bugs while the HTC 1 is charging.  Throw in a flip-down stand, stereo speakers (one at each end) and inspiration taken from Leica cameras, high-end watches and even illy espresso cans, and you end up with something decidedly slick.  How about it, HTC, fancy taking on the iPhone 4 with a seriously high-end Android smartphone?

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5 Responses to HTC 1 concept takes Android minimal

  1. I friggin WANT this. PLEASE HTC, Take notice of this beautiful concept. And this is the perfect example of a third party interface done right. If I had my choice of current interfaces for Android (and, luckily, I do) I’d pick the stock “Google Experience” any day. With this on the market? The choice would be very, very different.

  2. I have been seeing some amazing third party phones for HTC like the HD3 and this 1. They are clearly the products of fans who like where HTC is going in design and want to help it there. No idea how deeply HTC trolls the sites for these design cues but lets hope. Truly cool, hip, future.

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