HP X4000 Wireless Laser Mice get fashionable

The folks at HP have brought everything from cupcakes to a lovely white mustache to your hand with the HP X4000 Wireless Laser Mice line. These mice are meant to connect to your computer wirelessly and give you no less than a perfectly comfortable ride while your fingers dance on the secured grip offered on both the left and right sides and back of the device. Along with 1600 dpi precision right here in every single model, you'll be glad you picked up one of these little beasts here in the Spring of 2012.

These mice work with batteries which you can replace via a panel underneath each of them, and are using an amount of power so low that HP is saying they'll last you up to 30 months without a charge. Designs here in this line are uni-grip for either the left or the right hand, this eliminating the need to create each different hand model for each different color mouse. If you're the type that needs perfectly precise grips and are suspicious of dual-hand devices like these, head to your local electronics store and try them out, but here's our take: they work fabulously no matter which hand you've got in play.

The colors and patterns you can choose from here include Heavy Metal, Scrap Metal, CowaBunga, Poppy, Cupcake, Zebra Fade, Color Patch and Stashe, and not a more diverse group of oddities has ever been seen. The whole line starts at $29.99 and will be available starting in May in the USA. Check out our HP portal for the rest of the gigantic drop of devices presented by HP this week!