HP Veer in white breaks cover for AT&T

We have asked in the past if the market is too crowded for HP's Palm webOS to be successful. The answer to that question is still an unknown, but I think there is little room for webOS unless that software is tied with some very appealing hardware and the whole mess works very well together. From what I see, the hardware isn't that appealing in this device though. These are the first shots that have surfaced online of the Veer in white.

The Veer 4G has a white case and a black front with a smallish 2.6-inch 400 x 320 resolution screen. The Veer is set for its official launch next week according to Pocketnow. With the official unveil expected next week, the launch of the device should be coming before long. One of the key things that isn't known about the handset at this point is what version of webOS the Veer will run. Some peg the OS as version 2.2 and others say 2.1.

A new Pre 3 smartphone is rumored for a summer launch with webOS 2.3, so there would be an outside chance the Veer might use that, but I suspect it will be an older version. The processor inside the Veer is an 800Mhz unit. Overall, this sounds to be a decent mid-range offering that might appeal to some users depending on the price, which is unknown at this time.

[via Pocketnow]