HP VantagePoint is 132-inches of multitouch for your wall

If you've ever looked at Apple's iPad and thought "I measure my multitouch in feet, not inches" then the HP VantagePoint is for you, a wall-sized display intended for collaborative digital fondling. The VantagePoint system couples together six of HP's LD4730G 47-inch Ultra-Micro Bezel displays with two PCs doing the heavy lifting, for an 11 foot by 7 foot screen.

An HP Z800 workstation pumps out a 4098 x 1536 picture spread across all six screens, while a separate HP Pavilion Slimline desktop handles audio separately along with color processing. The displays are fronted by a layer of Gorilla Glass, in case you get too eager with your tapping.

HP is positioning the VantagePoint as ideal for showrooms, educational environments and offices; however, you can also pump cable and satellite TV, as well as any streaming content from online or via a DVD, DVR or Blu-ray player through the screen.

Software is Windows 7 with support for custom apps coded in JavaScript, Flash, C++, C# or Microsoft Presentation Framework, while Total Immersion's augmented reality software is also included. No word on pricing, but with each of the 47-inch LD4730G displays coming in at $1,300 apiece, this isn't going to be a cheap way to get touchy-feely with your entertainment.