HP TouchSmart and Omni all-in-one PCs get mighty refresh

HP may be looking to spin off its hardware business but it looks like the PC team wants to go out with a bang: a full five new all-in-ones for home users, along with a further two new models for businesses. The HP Omni series kick things off, with the 20-inch Omni 120 and 21.5-inch Omni 220 priced from $399.99 and $799.99 respectively, but there's also the HP TouchSmart range with the 20-inch HP TouchSmart 320, 21.5-inch HP TouchSmart 420 and the 23-inch HP TouchSmart 520 priced from $599.99, $699.99 and $899.99 respectively.

Inside the two Omni machines there's a choice of AMD or Intel processors and up to 750GB of storage. Some models include Beats Audio, too. HP's LinkUp app is also preloaded, allowing Omni users to access files stored on their HP laptops and work on them remotely, all changes being saved on the original laptop version rather than creating confusing duplicates spread around machines.

As for the TouchSmarts, they also get LinkUp and Beats Audio, together with an optional HP Pulse Subwoofer with the 520 and 610 machines. HP has slimmed down the design so as to make the all-in-ones less slabbish, too.

HP TouchSmart 520 demo:

The HP Omni 120 is expected to go on sale September 21, with the Omni 220 arriving a little earlier, on September 11. The TouchSmart 420 and 520 will drop on September 11 also, while the TouchSmart 320 will follow last on October 2.

HP All-In-One PC Overview:

HP TouchSmart software: