HP TouchSmart 9300 Elite Business PC Hands-on [Video]

In an effort to give the press (and via the press, consumers) a better look at the inner workings of their PC business, specifically their Elite line of PCs, HP has invited us to what's called the "HP Making of Elite Tour" which we've been enjoying throughout the first half of this week. What we did not expect but certainly welcome is a look at some totally complete PCs, here an HP TouchSmart 9300 Elite Business PC, an all-in-one computer that we first saw mention of back in February. WIth its deep-tilting full touch display, it seems custom made for Windows 8, an OS we know to be made to reflect the touch-based future of PCs. Will the 9300 add up?

What you're going to see here is a HP's Randall Martin representing Desktop Design here for the company's PSG Personal Systems Group. He'll let you know exactly what the TouchSmart 9300 elite is good for and will show you how you can go about making the sweetness in tilting activate. This PC has a 23-inch display, LED backlit and HD, and of course the tilt is what makes it the most unique. This isn't a brand new PC if you consider it came out a few months ago, but it's interesting to hear a pro speak on it.

[vms f4f24853fc4192689aa7]

If you'll head down to our Windows 8 Full Guide and our Windows 8 Tablet Hands-on video you'll find that Windows 8 will more than likely be sitting pretty on this lovely beast of a PC. What with your ability to lean back along with the ease in use and massive amount of options you've got here, mightn't this be the Windows 8 desktop computer for you?

To see the rest of our Making of Elite Tour coverage, simply hit the [HP Elite portal] and you'll be transported to a magical land of PC goodness!