HP TouchPad tops Amazon's bestseller list

You would think that HP's announcement of discontinuing webOS hardware would spawn a mob of angry early adopters requesting refunds, but it's been quite the contrary. HP's TouchPad tablet has now soared to the number one spot on top of Amazon's bestselling list, where the tablet is on sale at a price after the recent $100 cut.

After HP's announcement last Thursday, a fire sale ensued with HP practically giving away the 16GB TouchPad at a price of only $99 and the 32GB model at $149. Those prices make the tablet cheaper than even e-readers. Retailers that followed suit included Best Buy, Office Depot, Staples, and Walmart. But that sale ended over the weekend and Amazon did not partake in it.

Instead, Amazon is listing the 16GB HP TouchPad at its regular $399 price and the 32GB model at $495.99. Third-party vendors on Amazon, however, are offering better prices, as low as $193.99 for the 16GB model. Still, it's interesting how sudden the tablet has hit the top spot, being only its first day in the top 100, and that it has beat out Amazon's own Kindle e-reader.

[via Engadget]