HP TouchPad official pricing and launch date for UK confirmed

Vince reviewed the HP TouchPad today and in the end, he figures the hardware in the tablet is uninspiring. That seems to be a recurring theme with many of the tablets that hit the market recently. I bet a lot of people hoping that HP would knock it out of the park are disappointed today. We also posted up our review of WebOS and found that it was actually pretty good, just hampered by the hardware inside the TouchPad.

If you have checked out our reviews of the HP TouchPad and WebOS in its latest flavor and live in the UK we have some news for you. HP has now officially confirmed the launch date for the TouchPad in the UK as July 15. The official pricing has been unveiled as well. The 16GB TouchPad will sell for £399 and the 32GB version will sell for £479. Both of the tablets can be pre-ordered today.

If you haven't read our reviews and aren't familiar with the tablet it runs the HP WebOS operating system and has a 9.7-inch display. The screen is XGA resolution with capacitive touch tech and a 1024 x 768 resolution. The tablet also has a front facing 1.3MP webcam, A-GPS capability, Bluetooth and WiFi among other things. The processor is a Snapdragon APQ8060 at 1.2GHz.