HP TouchPad may be revived with Windows 8

It looks like HP is still undecided about its TouchPad tablet. Despite the company's announcement back in August that it would discontinue webOS hardware, rumors now suggest that under Meg Whitman's lead as HP's new CEO, the company could revive the tablet by powering it with Windows 8. According to some HP employees, the company is currently testing the TouchPad with Windows 8 as part of a "proof-of-concept."

The HP sources revealed to FoxNews that the hardware team has been busy testing the Windows 8 developer release on the HP TouchPad and that there have been internal discussions about resurrecting the tablet or even building a completely new device to run Windows 8. This seems to go against HP's plans to spin-off its PC hardware unit, making a transition into enterprise software as was announced back in August.

It also continues the confusion as to what HP plans to do with webOS, which it had initially insisted that it would continue to support and develop. But the company is looking more likely to sell the unit and has been in talks with HTC, LG, Nikon, and Amazon as potential buyers of the software platform.

[via MobileBurn]