HP TouchPad getting cloud HP Music and Movie Stores with smart-sync?

HP is apparently readying two self-branded media download stores for launch with the incoming HP TouchPad, the HP Music Store and HP Movie Store. According to an official presentation unofficially shared with PreCentral, the Music and Movie Stores won't just offer on-device downloads, but use a "smart algorithm" to handle intelligent caching.

While all of the content bought will be stored in an online cloud locker, that intelligence will try to make sure that the music users are most likely to want to listen to is cached to the device as well. The streaming system is also expected to support HP's smartphones, though it's expected that it will require webOS 3.0.

Palm had previously partnered with Amazon for the Amazon MP3 Store, which was preloaded on the Pre and other smartphones. This new system, however, allows HP more flexibility in their media partnerships, as well as better fitting multimedia content into the overall Synergy strategy.