HP to launch Android phone in near future, says source

On Christmas Eve, word surfaced of plans by HP to launch two smartphones by the year's end, something that didn't pan out but could add substance to the newest rumor that has cropped up. According to a source that spoke to the folks over at 9to5Google, HP plans to launch an inexpensive Android smartphone as early as next week, though a more narrowed-down launch date hasn't been specified.

According to the source, who is said to be someone from inside HP, the smartphone will be an inexpensive Android offering priced somewhere around $200 USD and slated for release in multiple markets, the exact number of which wasn't specified. HP hasn't said anything in a public fashion, but the source says the launch could end up being as soon as next week barring any unexpected delays.

The source says the project has been a year and a half in the making, and is being run by HP's senior vice president of mobility Alberto Torres. As far as the phone itself goes, the device is said to have "obvious cost cutting measures" in order to achieve its low price point, and to resemble in nature Samsung's Galaxy Note. The price falls in line with the details that surfaced last year, despite no phone being launched near the year's end.

According to that information, which had surfaced by way of The Information, the smartphone would be a 6-inch offering priced at $200 USD without contract. That same report also stated there was a second one in the making, and that it would be larger at a massive 7-inches with a price tag of $250 USD sans contract.

SOURCE: 9to5Google