HP tease webOS tablet/smartphone curves [Video]

As teasers go, HP and Palm's new video ahead of the webOS event next week is very brief and very elusive. A few buttons and switches, some curved corners and little else; it's hard to know whether this is HP's new smartphone range or indeed their tablets.Video after the cut

Of course, it could also be a mixture of the two, since there's no guarantee that all the shots are of the same device. That might be the hint from the video's description, too: "Thing big. Think small. Think ahead. Think beyond." Despite the HP takeover, the general aesthetic is pretty much in keeping with what we've seen from Palm before, so plenty of gloss and matte black plastic, curves and more.

Still, the physical design is only one small part of the story; what remains to be seen is how HP and the webOS team have tweaked the platform to suit a larger display. We've always argued that webOS was one of the platforms best suited to a tablet-scale device, though since then of course we've seen Android 3.0 Honeycomb.