HP t410 (AiO) All-in-One Smart Zero Client official

An all-new all-in-one HP computer has been revealed this week and sports HP's brand new OneWire technology, requiring no external power supply because of its ability to be powered by Ethernet connection. This machine is therefor able to operate at 13 watts of power, believe it or not, and sports an 18.5-inch display that is indeed powered solely by Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) technology. This machine is expected to be released sometime this summer and will be blowing your mind then!

The design of this machine is centered around an SoC (system-on-chip) made by ARM and is incredibly energy-efficient. You'll find a Digital Signage Processor inside as well able to display full-screen HD video on command as well as other complex processes you'd expect to find on a modern all-in-one PC, but again, only with the power sent to the machine via your ethernet cable. It's pretty amazing if you consider that compared to what we were using 10 years go – wires be gone!

This machine can be reprogrammed on the fly, supporting multiple protocols, and works with such excellent technologies as the auto-sensing of your network and the ability to search for your existing virtualization infrastructure – we're talking business use here, of course. Implement this machine in your hospital environment, your front desk or cubicle, or even in a massive computer lab for students that needs reprogramming daily. Watch this computer for wide-spread implementation soon!

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