HP Mini 1000 netbook confirmed

The sequel to HP's Mini-Note 2133 netbook has shown up on the company's online store.  Called the HP Mini 1000, the netbook measures less than 1-inch thick and weighs from 2.25lbs; it also has a new, black casing and appears to be intended as a more entry-level machine than the 2133.  The new price certainly bears that out: the HP Mini 1000 netbook costs from just $399.

Other specifications for the Mini 1000 are unknown, with the primary point of interest being its CPU.  HP went with VIA's C7-M processor for the Mini-Note 2133, a choice which pretty much singled it out among other netbooks; there are contrasting rumors now as to whether the HP Mini 1000 will instead use Intel's 1.6GHz Atom processor or stick with VIAand adopt the new Nano chipset.  It's also believed to have a 10-inch screen.

HP confirmed back in Julythat they were working on a new netbook with a lower purchase price than the 2133.  Their first netbook, though relatively well received in reviews, was criticised for its cost compared to ASUS' Eee PC and other rivals.  Jerel Chong, HP Australia's Market Development Manager for Notebook PCs, described the new model as "a similar device (to the 2133) but at a lower cost ... It won't be as durable but it will be cheaper".

[via Mini-Notebook-Laptop]