HP Mini 1000 internal 3G HSDPA mod: video demo

HP's Mini 1000 may have just got an official mobile broadband option, but what if your netbook is already sat on your desk, not on HP's production line?  3G modder extraordinaire jkkmobile steps in, with a guide to adding a third-party HSDPA modem to the netbook's mini PCI-e slot.Check out the video guide after the cut

Whether it's because they want to discourage aftermarket hacks, or simply because they didn't realize what owners might try to do to their netbooks, HP certainly haven't made the mod straightforward.  The mini PCI-e slot proved to be BIOS locked, which meant jkkmobile needed a workaround in order to get the 3G modem recognized.

So, it's probably easier to stump up the $199 HP want to add an HSPA or EVDO modem to the Mini 1000 during build, but considering that requires service activation (likely a two-year contract) it's cheaper to do it yourself.  The recommended modems for the mod come in at around $160.