HP Making of Elite Tour 2011 Roundup

Recently HP invited SlashGear and a handful of other USA-based publications as well as a few arms full of international publications to take a tour of their HP Elite PC testing facilities. What we got to see was no less than the harshest of tests on notebooks and desktop computers from their Elite line of computers, all of it in agonizingly complete detail. What we've got for you here, just incase you've missed anything, is a complete round-up of our tour. There's also a couple of b-roll videos, one of them explaining some imploded buildings on campus, just for the fun of it.

What you can see so far in the [HP Elite portal] we've got are some product hands-on videos. What we've got for you here below is the full collection of testing walk-throughs. Lots of talking, lots of explaining, lots of looking around at what HP does to test their machines before they're allowed on the market. Watch them all and find yourself using up the time between lunch and dinner – so of course remember to bring a snack!

Without further ado:

[vms 6054a5a720606a769446]

HP Corporate Reliability Testing Robots

[vms a7a72721f1f74a6cb4ce]

HP Electrostatic Discharge Testing

[vms f9513306bcd59afb6e4c]

HP Emissions and Immunity Compliance with Joe Sharkey of HP

[vms 7edb98ae91c8a76c3a29]

HP Radiated Emissions Chamber and Radiated Immunity Chamber with Joe Sharkey

[vms f2afc4299b462b812cac]

Battery Functionality in-depth with John Wozniak

[vms cff1ad7f0e261c369ab2]

HP Integration Testing with Gabriel Valencia

[vms b7897ebbcaf752513956]

HP 8760 Mobile Workstation Notebook testing DUES EX on 4 monitor setup

[vms 2e7daed3677ce8e9fe40]

HP Beats Philosophy exploration with Vinyl Record Player

[vms 412b7e56ded1ea2470c2]

HP DreamColor on EliteBooks testing

[vms 9e63af8d46f3b2027115]

Materials and Reliability testing

[vms a2b43b4c720507cec072]

SRS Audio and Beats integration testing

[vms 758ed45b6d3e91e8659f]

HP Houston Campus History Lesson with Luis Nunez

Pretty interesting? Have you had an awesome time going through the Houston campus at HP? How about Elite, feeling more confident about your HP Elite line of PCs purchase? We sure hope so, those robots aren't messing around. This weekend we'll also be continuing to mine our b-roll footage for any additional interesting bits from the HP Making of Elite 2011 tour, so if you're in the HP mood, check it out!