HP 2730p Tablet PC with Centrino 2 update

Chris Davies - Jul 17, 2008

Fujitsu aren’t the only company putting Centrino 2 tech into a Tablet PC.  HP have unveiled their own updated notebook, the 2730p, which replaces the popular but venerable 2710p.  With a smaller display than the T5010 – at 12.1-inches – the 2730p will arguably be a little more portable; however it may run a little slower, too, as HP have picked Intel’s 1.86GHz Core 2 Duo L9400 processor.

The 5010 uses a 2.4GHz CPU, and exceeds the HP on storage too; 320GB on the 5010, versus 120GB on the 2730p.  Graphics and RAM are the same, however, with Intel’s Mobile GMA 4500MHD and 2GB (albeit DDR3 in the 5010 and DDR2 in the 2730p).

AVING seem to have slipped in a photo of another HP notebook with a DVD drive, but there’s no word on whether the 2730p includes one; there is, however, a fingerprint scanner mounted on th edge of the screen.  These photos also show some sort of fold-out section just above the scanner, which could be an aerial for 3G WWAN mobile broadband.

No word on availability or price as of yet.

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