How To Beat Shiny Rayquaza

You're living in that Team Rocket Pokemon GO and you want to catch a brand new Shiny Rayquaza – we all are, right? Lucky you, that's entirely possible, starting on July 31st. That's the good news. The bad news is that if you've not gotten an Armored Mewtwo before the switch, you'll probably be out of luck for a very, very long time. Maybe forever, if Niantic sticks to plan.

How to beat Shiny Rayquaza

How could I go about finding a Shiny Rayquaza, then defeat it, then catch it? If you want to catch a Shiny Rayquaza, you'll need to start by defeating as many standard Rayquaza as possible. A Shiny Rayquaza does not necessarily need to appear as the Raid Boss while fighting the Raid Boss.

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The Shiny Rayquaza appears or does not appear (so it's standard or shiny) depending on the luck of the individual. The level of the monster has no effect on the end Shininess of the monster. It's all about SHEER, UNADULTERATED LUCK.

AS SUCH, there is no defeating a Shiny Raquaza because you will never fight a Shiny Rayquaza. They only appear after you've defeated a standard, Green Rayquaza. So the question is actually the same as it ever was: How do I defeat a Rayquaza in a Raid Battle? How do I defeat a Raid Boss Rayquaza?

Rayquaza Weaknesses

Rayquaza is weak against dragon, Fairy, Ice, and Rock. It is most weak against Ice – so bust out those Ice Type Pokemon! The absolute best Pokemon you can use to defeat Rayquaza are those listed below.

Best Rayquaza Raid Battle Pokemon

• Salamence

• Altaria

• Shelgon

You should avoid Fire, Grass, Water, Bug, Fighting, and Ground Pokemon. These Pokemon are relatively ineffective against Rayquaza. Don't bring a Machamp up in here expecting to do well against Rayquaza, because you'll get SMACKED DOWN for real.