How fast is your new iPhone 6 Plus?

This week there's little doubt the iPhone 6 hype continues as lines for stores around the United States continue – somehow – to exist. The image you see at the head of this article, for example, was shot at a mall in Las Vegas, Nevada – all in line for the iPhone 6 Plus well over a week after launch. Not that they'd been standing there that long, but a new shipment was set to arrive that day – you can't make this up!

Meanwhile those that have their iPhones in-hand might be wondering: what's new about this thing? Besides the size, that is.

With the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus you're working with Wi-Fi 802.11ac. This is new to the iPhone lineup, the iPhone 5s working with the previous-gen Wi-Fi 802.11n. Apple suggests that this upgrade will bring you "3x faster Wi-Fi than with 802.11n – that's a whopper.

Below you'll see a visualization of a set of tests done by iClarified. They show downloads going just about 2.5x faster on the new iPhone 6 Plus than the iPhone 5s. That's with the same signal, same router, hitting the n or the ac Wi-Fi.

Sound like a good enough reason to pick up an iPhone? The following smartphones (all on the market today) also have 802.11ac connectivity.

• Amazon Fire Phone

• Google Nexus 5

• HTC One M7

• HTC One M8

• Nokia Lumia 927

• Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3

• Galaxy Note III

• Galaxy Note IV

• Galaxy S4

• Galaxy S5

• Xperia Z Ultra

• Moto X

• And more...

Let us know if you've got a phone, tablet, or otherwise that runs with Wi-Fi 802.11ac – and let us know how quick it is while you're at it!