How DeviantArt Eclipse hides ads as it claims to be ad-free

A change is coming to DeviantArt, and it would seem that some folks aren't particularly pleased. Such a thing should be expected with any big change in a popular webspace, especially with a social network like DeviantArt where some people make their livelihood. When you mess with someone's cash – even if that cash is supplemental to their main income – you get the horns.

The look of DeviantArt Eclipse is great. It's really positive – big, grand, beautiful. The graphic design and UI of this new release looks like it's going to be a real home run. The UI, the color, the execution – all seem to be pretty gosh-darned good.

They've chosen to remove the semi-bland sea green and faded olives of the old DeviantArt. Instead we've got black and electric green – almost like NEON. This is fantastic, especially given the place where DeviantArt lives: on displays. Light comes through, light works.

The part that's got some users' feathers ruffled is the claim DeviantArt's making when they say this new design has "NO ADS." They claim the following on their current DeviantArt Eclipse home page right this minute: "We want art to shine front and center, so we've removed third-party ads altogether. Instead, you only see high-quality promotions from DeviantArt and our trusted partners."

Before now – and actually still, now, some users on the traditional DeviantArt make money from their own advertisements. I wouldn't be surprised if it was just a very vocal few – but still. They're not pleased. Those people and the people who support the clear separation of content and ads – they're also displeased.

Instead of ads appearing like banners and hyperlinks, they'll seem more like content created by artists. They'll flow a little better. They'll certainly look less obtrusive, and they'll be more effective than what they were before.

DeviantArt Eclipse has a lot of positive elements. It's a step in the right direction for a website that's looked pretty much the same since inception. Now, if they'd only allow each profile to be arranged how the user wanted – that'd be the best. We're still crossing our fingers until launch. For now you can sign up for the privilege through the DeviantArt Eclipse home page link above.