House of Marley unveils a simple, elegant turntable

Chris Burns - Jan 15, 2016, 2:04pm CST
House of Marley unveils a simple, elegant turntable

The electronics team at House of Marley have revealed a collection of new odds and ends, the most radical of which is a “classic turntable” by the name “Stir It Up”. If you’ve not heard of House of Marley before – yes, it is referring to the same Bob Marley you already know about, rolling with the brand to promote “good living and shared experiences”. They donate proceeds of annual profits to 1Love ( “a global movement dedicated to advancing Bob Marley’s message to a new generation of cause-minded agents for growth and transformation.” Now they’ve got a turntable.

House of Marley suggests that this Stir it Up turntable is “leading the charge” for the brand in 2016, bringing a built-in pre-amp and classic design to a turntable that does just what it says it’s supposed to do. This turntable rolls with natural bamboo details and the ability to sync with Marley speakers – and headphones, if you prefer.

A single dial at the lower right-hand corner of the turntable allows you to switch speeds for different sized records,

You’ll find light silver metal details throughout, as well as the black House of Marley logo emblazoned on the head of the tone arm’s head. All of the parts you may end up replacing one day – the turntable’s drive belt, for example, sit above the bamboo. Because of this, any fixes or replacements you may need to make will be simple as pie.

You can choose to switch pre-amp on or off, export content to your computer with a USB cord, and output to standard audio cables (those classic red and white circular plugs you still love so well).

MSRP for this turntable is $199.99 and it’ll be out later this year through House of Marley online and wherever else fine House of Marley products are sold.

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