House of Cards Season 5 release date revealed

Netflix had some good news last year — House of Cards was coming back for a fifth season — and then some bad news: that season's launch was delayed and no firm release date was provided. We initially expected to see Season 5 drop in the first quarter of this year, but Netflix revealed a couple days ago that fans will have to wait until some time between April and June before they get the next season. That has now been clarified with a hard launch date.

The shuffling around of the launch date revolves around Netflix's finances and its overall growth, with the bumped launch helping it tweak some margins for its own betterment. That's fine, of course, as the company has to do what it has to do — but still, there would be a few more months of waiting and that's never fun.

Now Netflix has sent out a new tweet on the House of Cards Twitter account with a short ominous video announcing the exact release date: May 30, 2017. Overall, that's only a couple more months of waiting than fans are used to. In the meantime, the streaming service continues to release other original content, not the least of which is its new Series of Unfortunate Events show.

Netflix has been buckling down on original content, and viewers are largely reaping the rewards. After some successful original hits like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black, Netflix has gone on to release a trove of popular, award-winning, and overall great TV series and movies.