House of Cards reveals fate of Frank Underwood

Eric Abent - Sep 5, 2018, 1:26 pm CDT
House of Cards reveals fate of Frank Underwood

The road to House of Cards season 6 has been a long and winding one. After series lead Kevin Spacey was dropped by Netflix following sexual misconduct allegations, we weren’t even sure if the show would continue for a 6th season. After announcing that season 6 will be the last for House of Cards and briefly suspending production, Netflix revealed that Robin Wright will lead the show without any involvement from Spacey.

While the preceding seasons seemed to set up Wright’s move into the role of series lead rather nicely, fans have been wondering how the show writers are going to explain away the absence of Spacey’s character Frank Underwood. We no longer have to guess, as a new teaser for the final season tells us just what’s happened to Frank in the time between seasons 5 and 6.

If you want to go into season 6 completely unspoiled, it’s probably best that you stop reading here. Obviously, you shouldn’t watch the trailer below either, as it spoils what’s almost certainly a major plot point for the series. You’ve been warned, and if you’re still here, then go ahead and click play on the video below.

Yep, Frank’s dead. We don’t know how or when he died, but he’s dead. Did Claire kill him? Maybe his lackadaisical approach to fitness and health finally caught up with him? We’ll have to wait until the season premieres to find out just what happened.

It’s a little strange that Netflix would reveal such a big plot point in a teaser for season 6, but perhaps there’s a more interesting story to tell about Frank’s death once the season actually gets going. We’ll find out soon enough, as the final season of House of Cards premieres on November 2.

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