HOTT MD700: the bargain MID we've waited for? [Video]

One of the more frustrating things about CES – and conversely one of the most fun – is winkling out the smaller companies scattered across the showfloor; often they're bringing hardware that's just as interesting as anything the big names have announced, they just don't have the marketing machine required to shout about it.  ARM-lover Charbax came across one such device last week: the HOTT MD700 MID.  Currently running Windows CE 6 though with an Android build perhaps six months away, the MD700 is a 1080p-capable 7-inch touchscreen MID with HDMI output, that HOTT are selling (in bulk orders) for just $120 apiece.Video demo after the cut

As well as HDMI you get USB 2.0 and USB Host connectivity (the latter means you can plug in a keyboard or other peripherals, or indeed a 3G dongle), an SD card slot, stereo speakers and an infra-red port that allows you to use the MD700 as a universal touchscreen remote control.  Battery life is apparently in excess of 3hrs for video playback and "eight hours is no problem" for WiFi web-browsing; standby is over 20hrs.

There are also stereo speakers, and the physical design – not exactly eye-catching, but not offensive either – is reasonably slim.  We're crossing our fingers that some big-box retailer is eyeing up HOTT and considering the MD700; if they could bring the price in at a chunk under $200 retail (the "no brainer" price point for many buyers), that would certainly make it a MID worth considering.

[via Best Tablet Review]