HOTT MD500 & MD700 Android MIDs get new video demo

We're getting a little tired of seeing Android tablets of which there's next to zero likelihood of a US or European launch, but HOTT's distribution agreements with big-name retailers like Fry's does at least leave us pondering a possible launch of their new slates.  Shanzai caught up with two new Android engineering samples lately, one 5-inch and the other 7-inch, both running OS 1.6.  In fact, they look a little like the newest versions of HOTT's MD500 and MD700 MIDs.

Both are ARM based (the 5-incher has an ARM9 chipset, for instance) and the larger slate has an HDMI output too.  HOTT expect the 5-inch MID to sell at around $92 to distributors, while the 7-inch MID will be between $130 and $150.  Obviously there'd then be some mark-up on top of that, but we're still mildly hopeful for them to both come in considerably under $200.