Hot Wheels Red Line Club vehicles no longer limited to members

In the year 2021, the Hot Wheels Collectors Club will expand with a digital option for memberships. With said membership, Hot Wheels will release the 2021 Red Line Club '70 Boss 302 Mustang. This year's Hot Wheels Red Line Club die-cast car will be the first to be offered without the membership limit, allowing "a more inclusive opportunity for fans 18+ to join the collector community and have access to the highest-quality cars."

The Hot Wheels Red Line Club vehicles released over the past few years have become relatively sought-after and valuable – so long as they've been kept in good condition and are put up for auction and/or direct sale at the right time. In any case, Hot Wheels Red Line Club vehicles are some of the most extravagant collectable items released by Hot Wheels.

Hot Wheels Red Line Club vehicles released in the past were only initially made available to "a limited number of Hot Wheels Collectors members." Now they're expanding availability. "For the first time ever, Hot Wheels Collectors will lift its membership limit completely" for hot Wheels Red Line Club die-cast vehicles.

Of course there are still OTHER reasons why a person might want to join the Hot Wheels Collectors Club, like members-only forums, voting privileges, "exclusive content" and "excusive items." Members also get "priority access to sales." Take a peek at the Hot Wheels Collectors membership page to see what's up with perks and the Red Line Club vehicle(s) coming next.

Does this lifting of restrictions on the Red Line Club car line affect you or your outlook on the vehicle line as a whole? Take a peek at the timeline below for more information on other recent Hot Wheels releases and stories from recent weeks on the state of Hot Wheels in our larger-sized world today.