Hot Wheels Legends Tour seeks custom cars hoping to be turned into toys [UPDATE]

Chris Burns - Apr 22, 2021, 2:44pm CDT
Hot Wheels Legends Tour seeks custom cars hoping to be turned into toys [UPDATE]

The 2021 Hot Wheels Legends Tour is ready to roll for the year with a variety of fantastic vehicles hoping to be made immortal. This “tour” of sorts aims to bring the most extravagant or otherwise visually spectacular vehicles out of their garages and barns in order to find the best of the best. That most excellent vehicle will be used as a model for the next Hot Wheels Garage of Legends toy – a 1:64 die-cast car for the masses.

Set dates for the tour thus far include the following: April 15, 2021, New Zealand. April 22, 2021, Australia – both of the first dates are dubbed “Street Machine.” The third event is set for April 29, 2021, with a theme still to-be-announced. This third event is attached to US/Canada – so we’ll have to wait and see the exact location, too.

UPDATE: The third stop will be livestreamed on the throtl YouTube Channel and the Hot Wheels Facebook page on April 29, 2021 at 5PM PDT.

The video above is a recap of the Hot Wheels Legends Tour 2021 in New Zealand from earlier this April. Next is Australia – you’ll be able to find the live stream for that through the Hot Wheels Legends Tour page at Mattel.

That same link leads to the point at which custom car builders can enter their car in the tour. Vehicles that’ll be considered on the tour need to epitomize authenticity, creativity, and “garage spirit.” Authenticity here specifically means that when you look at said vehicle, you say “Wow that looks like a Hot Wheels.”

Creativity here means your vehicle needs to stand out among the “tens of thousands of unique vehicle models” released by Hot Wheels over the past five decades. Garage Spirit suggests your vehicle is “built, not bought.”

The gallery in this article shows a variety of winners from past Hot Wheels Legends Tours alongside a few other entries in the larger Hot Wheels Legends Garage. Have you seen a car in the recent past that you believe might make a fantastic toy vehicle? Let us know!

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