Hot Toys 1/6th-scale Dark Knight Batmobile looks awesome

Despite my being a big geeky kid at heart, SlashGear wouldn't fly me out to Japan for the Tokyo Gift Show.  That means I'll have to drool over this 1/6th scale  The Dark Knight Batmobile collectible from afar, with its opening roof panel, movable wind-brakes, and impressively detailed cockpit.

Hot Toys also showed off a number of Iron Man, Hellboy II and Appleseed Ex Machina figures, with the Iron Man suits looking particularly good.  It doesn't look as though there are any light-up elements – aside from the Batmobile headlights – but that's nothing a brave modder with a few well-placed LEDs couldn't fix.

Now word on pricing or availability as yet, but as with any of these non-kid-targeted movie tie-ins, expect them to be pricey.  More details at the Hot Toys site here.