Horizon Forbidden West rounds out Sony's first-party PS5 reveals

We had a feeling that Sony would save one of its biggest announcements for last during today's PlayStation 5 livestream, and boy were we right. Many people went into today's event expecting to see something about the next game in the Horizon series, and they got exactly what they were expecting with the reveal of Horizon Forbidden West.Horizon Forbidden West, as the title suggests, will follow Aloy as she ventures into the west in the far-future America that serves as the setting for the Horizon games. It's there she'll meet "awe-inspiring machines and mysterious new threats," and from the announcement trailer you see below, it seems that we can expect a theme of "bigger and better" for this outing.

Unlike Spider-Man: Miles Morales, which was given a release window of Holiday 2020 during its reveal today, we don't have a release window for Horizon Forbidden West yet. While that may not be much of a surprise since the PlayStation 5 itself doesn't have a release date yet, the fact that there was no release window in sight during today's announcement suggests that Horizon Forbidden West won't be a launch title for the PS5.

Another question mark heading into this release is whether or not we'll one day see Horizon Forbidden West on PC. Earlier this year, Sony made some waves in its community by announcing that Horizon Zero Dawn will be landing on PC this summer, making it one of the few PlayStation 4 exclusives to come to another platform.

If we do see Horizon Forbidden West on PC someday, it's certain that it will be a PlayStation 5 exclusive for a long while after it releases. We'll let you know when more details about Horizon Forbidden West arrive, so stay tuned for that.