Hori debuts new officially licensed Nintendo Switch Pokémon accessories

Hori has announced a new line of officially licensed Pokémon branded accessories and peripherals for the Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite. All of the accessories have Pokémon artwork on them, and the line includes controllers, cases, protectors, and other items. Hori says it intends to offer the accessories in markets worldwide, including North America, Europe, South America, Australia, and New Zealand starting in November.Hori has two different versions of the Nintendo Switch Split Pad Pro, a full-size controller for using the console in handheld mode. One version has Pikachu Black & Gold, and the other is Pikachu & Eevee, selling for $59.99 each. The Switch Horipad Mini is a compact, lightweight wired controller aimed at gamers of all ages.

There are two versions of the Mini controller in Pikachu Black & Gold and Pikachu & Eevee for $24.99 each. The next accessory is a Nintendo Switch D-Pad Controller in Pikachu Black & Gold for $24.99. The device attaches to the left side of a Switch console and adds a D-pad.

The next Hori accessory is a Switch Wireless Horipad. This device is a wireless Pro controller featuring high-quality parts and a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. It's offered in Pikachu Black & Gold for $49.99. New Switch Vault Case accessories supporting both the Switch and the Switch Lite are available in two designs, including Pikachu & Friends and Pokémon: Stars at $19.99 each.

For those needing a safe and convenient way to prop up their Switch or Switch Lite while playing, the Nintendo Switch PlayStand is available. It's available in Pikachu Black & Gold for $12.99. Hori offers armor made of TPU with poly-carbonate inlays to provide grip, protection, and shock absorption for the Switch Lite called the Nintendo Switch Lite Hybrid System Armor in Pikachu Black & Gold for $16.99. Rounding out the products is the Switch Lite Duraflex Protector selling for $16.99 in Pikachu & Friends or Pikachu Black & Gold designs.