Hoopla strikes digital deal with DC Comics

Earlier this month, Marvel and Amazon struck a deal that resulted in more than 12,000 comic books arriving on the Kindle store. Following that, DC Comics has announced a similar deal with Hoopla. Last month Hoopla announced an expansion of its digital comics offerings, and now the company has struck up a partnership with DC Comics that will see the latter company rolling out a couple hundred of its own works on the service. First will come an initial release of 25 graphic novels.

Under the new deal, Hoopla will published 25 "classic graphic novels" on its service, and over the next few months it will add 200 more periodicals and graphic novels from DC Comics. This marks a big step for the company, being the first time it has entered such a deal with a digital service like Hoopla.

Hoopla is already home to graphic novels and comics, and so those who have used the service to access them will find it a little more robust over the coming months. Among incoming content is Straczynski's Superman: Earth One and Moore's Watchman.

Hoopla has an app available for both iOS and Android that allows its content to be read on a mobile gadget. Total library content on the service sits around 325,000. In order to access the content, though, you'll need a public library card.

SOURCE: Publisher's Weekly