Honor Magic V teased as Huawei spin-out's first foldable

Honor, a spin-off company of Chinese tech giant Huawei, has teased its first foldable flagship device, the Honor Magic V. The company shared a teaser image of the device on its Twitter, though it hasn't shared anything about the upcoming smartphone's specs, or even any real information on how the foldable will work.

Honor split from Huawei last year in an attempt to keep the brand alive following US sanctions that prevented Huawei from buying from companies Google and Qualcomm. Since that split, Honor has launched a few devices, and now it's looking to tackle the foldable market. The reveal of its upcoming foldable is exciting for fans of the brand, and Honor says that it will share more details about the upcoming device soon. The company also said that its new model is slated for release in China, but no information about a global release has dropped just yet.

Honor isn't the first brand to launch a new foldable, or even the first to tease one, though. We've already seen a few iterations from companies like Samsung, and Xiaomi has already gotten in on the action with the Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold, which was released in earlier 2021. With even more companies like Honor jumping on board, it's probably safe the say the foldable market isn't getting any smaller anytime soon.

What we know about the Honor Magic V

As we mentioned before, details about the Honor Magic V are extremely sparse. In fact, even the image that Honor shared for the teaser isn't really that informative. However, there are a couple of things we can possibly learn from it.

As Techradar points out, the overall image doesn't give us a good idea of whether or not Honor's foldable will follow the clamshell or book format that we've come to know from foldables. Without an in-depth inspection, the phone could go either way and look like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip or the Z Fold. However, if you do a little digging, there are some possible pointers you can pick up on.

For one, the phone shown in the image appears to have a camera bump located on the right-hand side when you brighten up the background. It's barely visible against the dark background, but it looks like it's there. You can also barely see the antenna bands, which are situated along the side of the phone to ensure the build doesn't cause any disruptions with the phone's signal, indicating a book-style device.

Of course, none of this is official information, and the phone could turn out to be a clamshell device in the end. For now, though, it at least gives us some information to chew on as we wait to learn more about the Honor Magic V.