Honeywell evohome thermostats add Pebble control

Chris Davies - Jun 16, 2014, 8:49am CDT
Honeywell evohome thermostats add Pebble control

Honeywell’s new Lyric isn’t the only smart thermostat system the HVAC company offers, with its evohome Smart Zoning Thermostat gaining support for Pebble in a new update. Wearers of the smartwatch will be able to remotely control each individual thermostat from their wrist, among other things.

The whole heating system can be turned on or off from Pebble, as well as the temperature of individual zones adjusted.

Rather than change a single master thermostat controller for a smart version, Honeywell’s evohome system puts a remotely-controlled valve on individual radiators. With these, a single location can be split up into up to twelve zones, rather than the home working on a single on/off system.

Honeywell’s claim is that, by treating the home as multiple zones, users can save up to 40-percent in heating costs. However, that depends on you actually taking the time to use the flexibility, which is where Pebble comes in.

The smartwatch will show details of each zone – including current temperature and target temperature – making it easier to tweak the settings as you move around.

The new Pebble app and watch face are available now for iOS and Android. Honeywell’s evohome system itself kicks off at £249 ($423) in the UK.

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