Honda unveils new family of e:N Series electric vehicles for China

Japanese automaker Honda is fast-tracking its electrification strategy by introducing two new EVs and three concept cars for the Chinese market. The new e:N Series of all-electric vehicles will probably not make it to the United states and the rest of North America. Still, Honda claims its newest e:NS1 and e:NP1 electric crossovers will go on sale in China next spring.

Details about Honda's newest China-only EVs remain scarce, but the carmaker also unveiled three new concept vehicles to expand its growing e:N electric vehicles. The e:N Coupe Concept is a sporty hatchback, while the e:N GT is a four-door sedan. Meanwhile, the e:N SUV is, well, a four-door SUV, and all concepts share similar design traits like angular body surfaces with vertical and horizontal LED light strips on the front.

According to Honda, the newest e:N concept cars will go on sale in China within the next five years. The carmaker is also launching no less than 1,200 dedicated e:N dealerships across major Chinese cities. Underpinning all e:N Series EVs will be Honda's proprietary e:Architecture platform.

Prior to the European Green Deal announced last July, Honda was targeting full electrification by 2040, but the automaker soon realized its initial targets could be unfeasible. If the new EU proposals come to fruition, new cars sold in Europe must have 55-percent fewer emissions by 2030 and 100-percent zero emissions by 2035.

Honda had no choice but to expedite its shift to electrification. Although the e:N Series models will first see the light of day in China, the lineup will eventually trickle down worldwide, although Honda has yet to clarify when and where. Honda is now planning to sell only hybrids and electric vehicles in China by 2030.

The automaker is constructing new EV production plants for GAC Honda and Dongfeng Honda to facilitate e:N Series production by 2024. In addition, Honda Sensing 360, an updated version of the brand's advanced driver assistance system, will also debut in Honda's China-only EVs by 2022.

Meanwhile, Honda's first all-electric vehicle in America will arrive in 2024, according to the automaker. The newest Honda Prologue EV will be built with General Motors and use GM's Ultium all-electric architecture, with a similar Acura electric SUV in the pipelines, as well.