Honda Civic gets fantastic YouTube interactive treatment

The folks working for Honda in the advertisement sector have outdone themselves with a YouTube channel dedicated to the Honda Civic, it containing a set of five presentations, each more interesting than the last. The last in the set of five is the simplest, a designer of vehicles speaking on the magic that goes into trial and error with the machine, it then leading back to the first project. The first project is a turnaround hands-on with the vehicle complete with paint swipes to make it pretty. Then the fun really begins.

In the second of five projects, you'll find yourself in no less an interesting place than the Neon Museum in Las Vegas, Nevada. You move along a track of video and end up in the graveyard of lights, able to look all around with your mouse as you do so. It's really quite simply fantastic. From there you can continue through, all the way hearing a fellow telling you how "exploring is part of the fun" and so forth, this making you think that the Civic will help you in your journey, of course.

Then there's a video which leads to a site by the name of Experiment Game, this again encouraging you to play around with your screen to make things happen that, once again, remind you that the Civic will get you that same wondrous feeling. Windows, windows, and more windows will work together in this third project to make a Rube Goldberg machine of your own. This is all topped off by a dog.

The dog, or the fourth project, is a video that shows how one family used the special Magic Seats in the back of the Civic to provide extra space for his hulking mass. This project invites you to use your microphone to whistle and blow. Such actions then call or affect the dog in hilarious ways. Well done!