Home Experiments In Audio/Visual Mayhem

A true gadget-head knows that the more cryptic knobs and switches a device has, the better it is.  That's why an iPod, although commercially popular, will never be as cool as this little box of tricks.  The vs001 is, according to its maker, an Analogue Video Synthesiser, capable of sucking in a VGA signal together with audio feeds and mangling it all up into the artistic version of an acid trip.

"Images from the computer can be passed straight through to the display unaltered or mixed with the audio beam traces in various ways with individual banks of switches for each colour component. Besides the basic superimposition of the beams on top of a video, internal patches allow for the edge of an audio beam to provide split-screen 'wipes' and for some kinds of crude keying effects to occur"

There are some interesting videos on the project site of the machine in action, and the creator promises further experiments in mangling video and sound. 

vs001 [via Hack-A-Day]