Holster Bags From Skin Graft

I have in the past made fun of some of the holster designs meant to house gadgets and other random things. Frankly, they tend to come off extremely geeky, and not in the cool way. In more of the pocket protector kind of way. However, these new designs from Skin Graft have a bit of the rocker look to them to balance out the geeky look.

Even when they aren't attached to the tattooed babes in the photo they seem to still have a nice quality look to them. The styles range from casual to extremely detailed and intricate designs.

They come in both canvas and leather, the canvas of course don't look quite as nice as the leather. However, they still don't have the cheesy look of some of the designs that have come before it. The bags range from $80 for the canvas ones to almost $200 for the studded leather designs.

Skin Graft Designs Holster Bags [via boingboing gadgets]