"HoloLens Daily" shows how to do multi-screens in style

Virtual reality is great and is entertaining for a lot of things, but there are just some scenarios where a mix of virtual and actual realities is, perhaps, more productive. Hence, the augmented, or rather mixed, reality offered by platforms like the Microsoft HoloLens. One such use case, flaunted around by AR/MR proponents, is eventually replacing one or two real-world, physical computer screens with nearly a dozen virtual ones. And while we all wait for the day when such devices do become more common, the folks over at The Holo Herald are already teasing what that future might look like.

While some swear by the productivity benefits of having more than one screen, there is a hard, physical limit, not to mention financial ones, to how many monitors you can cram in a physical space. Unless you happen to work at NASA. Virtual and augmented reality, however, have no such limits, aside from computing power and resources. That's exactly what The Holo Herald is teasing the tech-savvy crowd in their latest video, showing off the HoloLens set to display multiple windows and apps in any place of the user's choosing. In addition to two real monitors, though.

This is hardly an original idea but definitely one of the few "working" implementations of computing via mixed reality. Earlier in March, startup Meta also revealed a similar vision for the future of using computers around the same time they unveiled the Meta 2 headset.

And lest you think augmented/mixed reality has a monopoly on such use cases, there are also attempts from the virtual reality side to do something similar, though mostly limited to one screen at a time, mirroring the current display of an attached computer.

Of course, the biggest question is whether such a setup is going to be really useful or merely a novelty. In fact, not everyone buys the whole multi-screen mantra in the first place. Good thing we still have lots of time to figure those things out, as it won't be a until a year or so before headsets like the HoloLens become commercially available to the general public, and even longer for it to become affordable.

VIA: Reddit