Holden registers 2016 HSV GTS-R trademark

Back in the summer word started making rounds that the last Commodore performance sedan might be a very special beast indeed. Word was that the car might pack the supercharged V8 out of the Corvette ZR1 under the hood. We might not get the Commodore here in the US, but we do get its slightly changed Chevy SS clone.

The latest tidbit in the Commodore GTS-R saga comes in the form of a trademark that has been filed for the HSV GTS-R name. The trademark was field on December 2, 2015 and covers vehicles and merchandise. It's been a while since Holden offered anything wearing a GTS-R badge, the last time was 1996.

That '96 model was a VS GTS-R and it made only 85 units at the time and was designed to look like the Holden Racing Team V8 Supercars. If Holden does build the new GTS-R, it will be a limited edition car.

One reason for limiting the production is that GM simply doesn't have a large stock of the supercharged ZR1 engines. Word was back in the summer that 200 or fewer special editions would be built with pricing somewhere around 100,000 Australian dollars.

SOURCE: CarAdvice