Hitman 6 concept art delivered

Chris Burns - May 29, 2014
Hitman 6 concept art delivered

The first image of the next Hitman has been delivered, and it’s conceptually driven. While we won’t see real gameplay or anything outside of conceptual work for quite some time, the folks at IO-Interactive have let it be known that they are, indeed, at work. They’re also so far away from a game delivery that they won’t be showing anything off at E3 2014.

This next title will continue to work with the titular hero of the series – Agent 47 – bald head and all. You’ll also see “exotic and expansive locations” in this new title, one of which can be seen in the image above – and in the thumbnail below. Tap the thumbnail for the original, massive image.

This game will be working with a variety of locations, delivering Agent 47 to environments both large and small all around the world. Large locations will be the largest and most interactive of the series thus far.

The folks at IO-Interactive today suggest that “for a sense of scale, the building [in the image shown today] on its own is larger than any location in Hitman Absolution.” We’ll be waiting!

VIA: Hitman

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